Welcome to the Home of Second Thoughts. Formed in 1984, Second Thoughts is a community theatre group based in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, UK.

Second Thoughts is a lively and friendly group who try to produce good theatre that is enjoyable and challenging for audience and for group members.

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Our next full-length show is


by Bernard Hall

3-6 October 2018

It’s medieval England, where The Law made by the rich and The Church conspire to keep the masses in their place. In this world, craftsmen toil to erect cathedrals that remain a part of England’s glory to this day. One man rashly speaks out against accept belief, to the consternation of his friends and the glee of his enemies. Two women from our own times get a view into this world as medieval and modern stories entwine, culminating in a shocking conclusion.

Time Masons takes the audience through a roller-coaster of reactions, from laughter to horror! Written by local playwright Bernard Hall, this presentation is the play’s world première.