Welcome to the Home of Second Thoughts.   Second Thoughts is a community theatre group based in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, UK. Second Thoughts is a lively and friendly group who produce good theatre that is enjoyable and challenging for audience and for group members.  Second Thoughts is a democratic group and all members can put forward suggestions for productions and all members of the group vote for the programme. Browse our pages for more information about the group and its activities. Visit the Noticeboard for news of auditions and social events.

2024 – Second Thoughts 40th Anniversary Season

2024 marks 40 years since the founding of Second Thoughts Drama Group and we have an exciting season ahead.

21 – 24 February 2024 at the Bear Pit Theatre

An Evening of Tom Stoppard, a double bill of The Real Inspector Hound and A Separate Peace, brings together two one-act plays from this esteemed playwright. In The Real Inspector Hound, two theatre critics are watching a whodunnit before they unwittingly find themselves part of the action. In A Separate Peace, a man longing for peace and isolation turns up at a nursing home hoping for a luxuriously easy existence- but can money alone buy him the slow-paced life he dreams about?


One of Shakespeare’s most famous comedies, Twelfth Night is filled with cases of mistaken identities- and gender- as twins Viola and Sebastian are split up after a shipwreck. While Viola decides to cross-dress to find work within high society, Sebastian tries to find Viola- only to be constantly mistaken for her, all while the courtiers Orsino and Olivia and their servants get their wires crossed in love.

16 – 19 October 2024 at the Bear Pit Theatre

In Harold Pinter’s The Birthday Party, outside forces encourage landlady Meg to host the eponymous celebration for her only boarder Stanley. However, the night soon becomes filled with menace when the threatening Goldberg and McCann arrive to crash the party and turn Stanley’s life into a living hell.